The new post scrubbers

A beautiful day in the pasture, but suddenly there is an itch behind the ear and far and wide no tree to scratch. Your animal would certainly be very happy about a scratching brush.
But on pastures or outside areas of stables there is not always a wall or pillar for fixing scratching brushes. The new Post Scrubbers from Kerbl are recommended here.
Kühe auf einer Weide mit einer Pfahlbürste mit Bodenanker

Give your pets a little wellness in the open air with Post Scrubbers from Kerbl.

The brushes only require a paved surface for ground mounting. The Post Scrubber Maxi can also be anchored directly into the ground thanks to the separately available ground anchor.

The cylindrical shape of the brushes allows access from all sides, so that joint grooming is possible.
Pfahlbürste HAPPYCOW Maxi im Außenbereich auf der Weide

The practical brush is available in two sizes.

With a height of 163 cm, the Post Scrubber Maxi is ideally suited for cattle and horses. The 24 brush rings are fixed and can be replaced if necessary.
The Post Scrubber Mini has a height of 100 cm and is therefore suitable for young animals and smaller breeds. The brush element is in one piece and can be exchanged.
Pfahlbürsten von Kerbl sind Kratzbürsten für den Außenbereich
Bodenanker zur Pfahlbürstenmontage auf der Weide