Great feel-good factor at a low price - our HAPPYCOW FlexiSwing swinging cattle brush

Viehbürste HAPPYCOW FlexiSwing Our new HAPPYCOW FlexiSwing cattle brush is a real asset for your barn, and at a low price. The manual brush, which does not require an electrical connection, allows your animals to independently control the grooming intensity according to their individual needs. As they have to push the cattle brush themselves, it is also an ideal activity material for the cows and stimulates their play instinct.

HAPPYCOW FlexiSwing has a robust yet very flexible spring, comparable to springs in children's playgrounds, making it suitable for calves as young as two months.

The brush can be attached to walls or pillars both indoors and outdoors; it is accessible from all sides and is the right choice for all animal species, from calves to adult cattle or horses, thanks to its large scrubbing surface.

Livestock brushes increase the well-being of your animals immensely, as they offer them the opportunity to pursue their typical scratching and scrubbing needs independently at all times. The HAPPYCOW FlexiSwing livestock brush is manufactured in Germany and is an excellent alternative to electric livestock brushes. It is inexpensive, low-maintenance, and offers a cost-effective and high-quality solution for animal care and exercise.
Grafik zum Größenvergleich der Viehbürste HAPPYCOW FlexiSwing mit einer Kuh