The new cow scratch brush HAPPYCOW Bully

It is hard to imagine dairy barns without scratching brushes. Anyone who has watched the animals groom their fur with pleasure will never want to miss the sight again. The HAPPYCOW Bully scratching brush is a scrubbing option specifically for cattle fattening.
Kuh mit Kratzbürste HAPPYCOW Bully
Kuh mit Kratzbürste HAPPYCOW Bully
Kuh mit Kratzbürste HAPPYCOW Bully
In the field of cattle fattening and especially with fattening bulls, the animals test their strength and thus the scratching brush is exposed to completely different stresses than in other cattle farming.
The steel frame is particularly robust and can withstand even the hardest strain on the animals. The brushes are made of high-quality, resistant bristles and have replaceable brush strips if required. Replacement is possible from the front alone due to the recessed screws in the frame.
Also, pens in cattle fattening are often structured, limiting the mounting options for scraper bars. It is best to position the scratching brush in the middle area between the feeding and resting areas. Thanks to the elongated holes on both sides, the brush can be flexibly mounted on stalls or walls and is therefore particularly versatile. Four brackets for mounting on 2" hutches are included in the delivery.
Kuh mit Kratzbürste HAPPYCOW Bully
Kratzbürste HAPPYCOW Bully Montage
The HAPPYCOW Bully scratch brush is suitable for the Animal Welfare Cattle Fattening Initiative.

A Scratch Plate as a low-cost alternative for cattle fattening

Not everyone is immediately ready to equip their entire barn with cattle brushes. We offer our cost-effective and durable Scratch Plate as an introduction to scratching options in cattle fattening.

In addition to the perforated surface, the edges offer an additional option for targeted rubbing on the head and rump.

We have also focused on flexible mounting options for the scraper plate on the housing and wall.

The Scratch Plate is suitable for the animal welfare cattle fattening initiative.
Kratzblech für Kühe zum reiben und kratzen