Cow cleaning machine – cow comfort in top quality

Cattle brushes should not be missing in any modern stable and are an important contribution to animal hygiene. They ensure that the animals clean themselves and rid themselves of pests. With healthy animals, your herd is more relaxed and happier. Animal comfort is an important factor in enabling your cattle and goats to achieve improved performance.
You can improve the performance and well-being of your animals with a manual cattle brush or with an electric cattle brush from KERBL.
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Overview of the Advantages of our Cattle Brushes

Improved Animal Health
Cattles and goats have the need to scrub and scratch themselves. Cattle brushes are an important contribution to general hygiene and should not be missing in any modern stable. The animals clean themselves and rid themselves of lice, mites and other parasites. The formation of lichen or fungal infestation is reduced or even generally prevented. If the animals are healthy, you will have a calm, relaxed herd.

Improved Performance
Healthy and well-groomed cattle and goats can achieve improved performance, as well-being is an important factor. Extensive brushing and massaging improves blood circulation to the skin, leads to promoted heat dissipation and stimulates the metabolism. The stimulated blood circulation can increase milk yield and rutting.

Variety and Occupation
The animals become calmer through the use of a scratching brush, their well-being is increased and it also serves as an occupation. It also reduces annoying animal behaviour, such as calves sucking on each other.

Easy Assembly
Our electric cow cleaning brushes are easy to install and almost maintenance-free. Appropriate lubrication at the press-in points and timely replacement of the brush rollers increase the service life and attractiveness for the animals. The devices are also suitable for outdoor installation, e.g. under a canopy.