The ideal combination:

  • Wasp Trap VespaNo with
  • new natural Wasp Attractant

Wasp Trap VespaNo

High capture rate:
Thanks to its special shape and design, VespaNo catches an above-average number of wasps and other insects attracted by sugar (e.g. flys, ants, codling moth caterpillars etc.).

Complete protection for bees:
Because of the special entrance of the trap and the transparent cover prevent bees from falling into the trap. Developed by a bee-keeper with 30 years‘ experience.

Additional product properties:
• weather-resistant plastic with UV protection
• opaque collecting container
• effective area of up to 200 m² per trap
• exceptionally easy to use and easy to clean
• can be stood on surfaces or hung up

Wasp Attractant

Particularly recommended for wasp trap VespaNo.

A highly effective, ready-to-use natural attractant. The wasp attractant remains effective in the trap for up to 6 weeks. It is eco-friendly and 100 % non-toxic

Additional product properties:
• effectively and safely attracts wasps, but also house and fruit flies and midges thanks to its natural fruit juice concentrates
• an be used indoors and out