Better protection for your lambs


Our new lamb blankets provide better protection
for new-born lambs against wind, cold and rain. The lamb blanket therefore
prevents lambs from getting too cold, reducing their mortality rate.

  • wind and water-repellent
  • one size fits all
  • is pulled over the head and secured on all four legs
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Adoption Spray

The new Adoption Spray neutralises the natural odour of lamb and ewe. This prevents ewes' instinctive rejection of adoptive lambs, significantly increasing the chances of successful adoption. It is made from a scientifically advanced mixture of essential oils.

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Portable pens

flexible to use, handy and make work much easier!

With our portable pens you can keep your sheep together when you need to, for example when shearing them in a group. You can build a fold with them, use them as pen dividers or connect them as fencing to a larger cabin.
  • practical connecting system for easy and tool-free installation of hoardings
  • suitable for the creation of pre-gathering spaces, pens, individual and group boxes or stall dividers
  • 7 cross tubes with increasing distance from bottom to top, tube diameter 25 mm
  • completely hot-dip galvanized
  • height: 92 cm
  • door with lock latch and reinforced frame, width of 57 cm
  • centrally located feeding device with adjustable width (18 cm / 25 cm)
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