New Clipping Machines 2014!

FarmClipper Battery

High quality shearing blades "Made in Europe", two rechargeable batteries and uninterrupted shearing fun due to coordinated charging and shearing times, resulting in a special class of shearer. Our FarmClipper rechargeable battery shows that quality, performance and features don't have to be expensive!

constantaRodeo AR2

If you'd rather use a shearer with a cable and you swear by blade types 20, 60, 70 or 220, then the constantaRodeo AR2 is just right for you! It fits perfectly in the hand and you will be wowed by its excellent Performance.
  • the supplied package includes two 10.8 Volt Lithium ion block batteries
  • the shearer is equipped with our premium shearing blades which, thanks to their optimised geometry, ensure easy shearing and an improved shearing pattern.
  • the special surface properties of the housing shells and the balanced centre of gravity prevent the user from tiring too quickly. The size of the plastic shells also means that even small hands can be sure of a firm grip on the shearer.
  • incl. replacement battery


  • constant power without sacrificing speed thanks to cutting edge permanent magnet motor concept
  • newly developed shear blade made from specially hardened steel
  • ergonomic lines with optimised weight distribution
  • easy clipping even at very heavy coat conditions
  • suitable for both men's and women's hands
  • extremly lightweight with only 690 grams
  • incl. shearing blade set constanta 35/24 teeth
  • Made in Germany stands for solid finish

technical data
power consumption: 10,8 volts
charging time: approx. 90 min.
shearing time: approx. 90 min.
shearing performance: approx 2,300 double strokes/min.
weight: approx. 1.2 kg (incl. battery)
technical data
supply voltage: 230 V AC
engine output: 65 W
frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
dimensions (W/H/L): 7,8 x 5,5 x 24 cm
sound pressure level: 78 dB
weight excluding cable: 690 g
double strokes/min: 2400
safety classification: II