Capsule products for calves – the optimum solution especially for large livestock farmers

With its capsule products Ferrovital K Caps, Probicol K Caps and Oregastrol Caps, EW Nutrition introduces an all-round service for calves onto the market. This process takes the special nutrient requirements of calves and the farmersneed for a simple handling into account. Because of their bigger and, therefore, cheaper trading units, the new capsule products represent an ideal option, especially for large livestock farmers

Ferrovital® K Caps for an optimum supply of iron and selenium

Calves are born with very low iron stores and their iron intake through milk is also very low. In order to prevent the so-called iron deficiency anemia, the use of iron preparations makes sense. Next to highly available iron, Ferrovital®K Caps contain additional selenium and vitamin E which are often also deficient and correlate with iron deficiencies.

Advantage: No injection injuries due to the capsule applicator!

Probicol® K Caps for a healthy and stable intestinal flora

Feeding related stress situations and physical stress can not only result in an increased frequency of diarrhea or growth depression, but they can also change the intestinal flora. In order to prevent this, and to build up and maintain a stable rumen flora, the administration of one capsule Probicol®K Caps is advisable directly after birth since it includes probiotics for supporting a positive gut flora. The contained vitamins A, D3, E, and antibodies (from colostrum) present an added value during problematic phases and regarding the calfvitality after birth.

Oregastrol® Caps against acidosis

Calves often stop their feed intake when they have digestive disorders, e. g. diarrhea. This deficiency situation can lead to an increase of organic acids and to an over acidification of the blood acidosis. The sodium bicarbonate contained in Oregastrol® Caps buffers this reaction and thus prevents further over acidification of the blood. The added flavoring compound pre-mixture made from essential oils stimulates the calfappetite, and electrolytes for the improvement of water storage in the organism help the animal get past this critical phase.