We revised our nipple drinker series made from stainless steel and brass/stainless steel in material and construcion, focusing on following points:
  • maximizing corrosion and acid resistance of all parts (steel parts, screen and seal)
  • easy and comfortable handling
  • avoiding water wastage
All steelparts are made from high-quality stainless steel V2A, to guarantee the highest corrosion resistance.

The screen:
the screen is made from high-quality stainless steel V4A to ensure excellent corrosion resistance
to simplify the removal of the screen, it is grouted with a flexible plastic ring

Sealing ring:
The sealing ring is made from formic acid resistant EPDM material.

3-stage nozzle adjustment:
To avoid water wastage, the water flow rate can be optimized by regulating the nozzle in 3 stages, according to the animal's size.



Stainless steel model

 ref. no.descriptionpressure coneø threadø nipplelength (mm)wrench sizewater flow rate 3 bar - III
 222550bite nippleØ 11 mm1/2"1/2"61221,5
 222551bite nippleØ 12 mm1/2"3/4"76272
 222552bite nippleØ 12 mm3/4"3/4"77272
 222863bite nippleØ 6 mm1/2"3/8"68222,5
 222851bite nippleØ 8 mm1/2"1/2"72222
 222864bite nippleØ 8 mm1/2"3/4"79273
 222852bite nippleØ 8 mm3/4"3/4"82273
 222865spray nippleØ 17 mm1/2"-46224,5
 22875nipple drinkerØ 18 mm1/2"-37224,5
 222553nipple drinkerØ 8 mm1/2"-88223
 222554nipple drinkerØ 12 mm1/2"-58223

Brass/stainless steel model

 ref. no.descriptionpressure coneØ threadØ nipplelength (mm)wrench sizewater flow rate 3 bar - III
 2235bite nippleØ 11 mm1/2"1/2"64221,5
 22362bite nippleØ 15 mm1/2"3/4"71272
 2236bite nippleØ 15 mm3/4"3/4"71272
 22385bite nippleØ 6 mm1/2"3/8"55222,5
 22363bite nippleØ 11 mm1/2"1/2"63222
 22334bite nippleØ 8 mm1/2"3/4"72273
 22364bite nippleØ 8 mm3/4"3/4"77273
 22381nipple drinkerØ 17 mm1/2"-46224,5
 2239spray nippleØ 17 mm1/2"-45224,5
 22382nipple drinkerØ 12 mm1/2"1/2"58223