In this new net, we combine the proven strengths of our TitanNet sheep nets with versatile connection options for professional use in sheep rearing. Vertically, rigid plastic struts are used instead of the soft poly wire material.

These are permanently linked at intervals of 30 cm with the horizontal poly wires, ensuring a compact structure even on hilly and uneven terrain.

  • Height 90 cm or (7 horizontal poly wires) each available with single or double spike
  • 14 sturdy plastic posts with galvanized bottom tip
  • extremely stable welded knots
  • strengthened, energized upper poly wire - increased conductivity thanks to the use of 5 stainless steel wires and a tin-plated copper wire
  • we offer a 3-year warranty against UV damage for all plastic poly wires
  • optionally connectable, reinforced grounding poly wire for earthing along the whole length of the net under difficult ground conditions (e.g. very sandy or dry soils)
  • in addition, the 2nd poly wire above the ground is fitted with a separate stainless steel connection terminal, and can therefore be used flexibly
  • especially good visibility due to luminous neon colours (fluorescent effect)

Connection options:

ground wire (conductive) can be connected to the device’s earth output, for additional earthing along the entire length of the net

2. wire above ground can optionally be disconnected from the power circuit of the wires positioned above it, to decrease power leakage in heavy vegetation

Ref. no.Ground spikeLengthHeightColourQty postsMatching replacement postPUPallet
27381Single prong50 m90 cmneon yellow / blue1427202124 PAL
27382Double prong50 m90 cmneon yellow / blue1427203124 PAL
27383Single prong50 m108 cmneon yellow / blue14124 PAL
27384Double prong50 m108 cmneon yellow / blue14124 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionGround spikeColourMaterialPost heightPU
27322Floor Anchor blackPlastic 1/10/300
27249-5Head Insulator for Pasture Netting blackPlastic 1/10/500
27250-5Base stopper for pasture netting blackPlastic 1/10/500
27202Spare PostSingle prongwhitePlastic90 cm1/100
27203Spare PostDouble prongwhitePlastic90 cm1/50