Pivo standard pack

On your smartphone, set up a connection to the extensive Pivo app suite to enable the pod's various functions, including the popular auto-tracking functions.

Focus on taking incredible photos, videos, presentations, live streams and more of you and your horse while the Pivo Pod and Pivo App take care of everything else for you.

  • the entire set, including tripod and Mini travel case, for transporting the Pivo Pod safely from A to B
  • always stay in view with 360° auto-tracking (including face, body and action tracking modes)
  • create free-style, adjustable presentations with 4 different presentation modes
  • experience video calls in a completely different way: with the Pivo+ app, stay dynamically and engagingly in shot thanks to auto tracking
  • user-friendly "Fun Create Modes": create playful content without any editing knowledge, whether they be GIFs, clone trails, 360 motion time lapses, tiny planets or panoramas - all with just your telephone and Pivo
  • content can be uploaded directly from the app without further editing to the preferred live streaming platform and shared
  • the compact and long-lasting design makes it easy to take it everywhere with you
  • includes remote control for additional convenience and improved interaction
  • numerous apps available from the Pivo creator: Pivo +, Pivo Play, Pivo Cast, Pivo Live, Pivo Present

Extensive accessories which can also be ordered individually:

10862 Pivo Smart Mount: holder that can be set, rotated and swivelled for all sizes of mobile phone

10863 Pivo Tripod: stable tripod 160 cm tall

10864 Pivo Travel Case Mini: perfect transport protection for your Pivo Pod Active

10865 Pivo Travel Case Premium: Pivo Pod Active and Tripod perfectly stowed and protected for transport (to be ordered separately)

Ref. no.PU
Ref. no.DescriptionColourcapacity of batteryPU
10862Pivo Smart Mount  1/30
10863Pivo Tripodblack 1/8
10864Pivo Travel Case Mini  1/10
10865Pivo Travel Case Premium  1/10
10867Pivo Power Bank 9000 mAh1/45
Set includes:

1 x Pivo Pod Active

1 x intelligent holder (Pivo Smart Mount)

1 x travel case mini (Pivo Travel Case Mini)

1 x tripod (Pivo Tripod)

1 x remote control

1 x USB charging cable (32 cm)