Extra-durable fibreglass poles ensure easy handling due to a small post diameter and noticeable weight reduction.

  • 14 sturdy fibreglass posts
  • Horizontal current conduction with 3 x 0.20 mm stainless steel conductors per poly wire
  • increased conductivity thanks to the use of 5 stainless steel wires and a tin-plated copper wire in the topmost poly wire = 20 times more conductivity than standard netting. Especially well suited for use with several nets in a row.
  • welded knots
  • galvanised ground spike on fibreglass stake with plastic step
  • we offer a 3-year warranty against UV damage for all plastic poly wires

Our OviNet Profi impresses with low weight and volume as well as the unbelievable sturdiness, stability and handiness of the fibreglass posts!

Ref. no.Ground spikeLengthHeightColourQty postsMatching replacement postPUPallet
27220Single prong50 m90 cmorange1427218140 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionGround spikeColourMaterialHeightPU
27218Spare PostSingle prongyellowfibreglass90 cm1/50