Open-air enclosure with breakout barrier

  • sturdy plastic roof
  • cage cover prevents jumping out and offers optimal protection against uninvited guests, e.g. birds of prey, cats or martens
  • with high-quality, zinc-plated grille
  • cage cover can be folded up
  • with 2 side doors, resting area and viewing platform
  • with steps to viewing platform

To prolong the life of the wooden enclosure, you should treat the wood with a suitable type of paint or varnish.

Check the distance between the bars for each animal before use.

  • Material: China fir glazed with wood protecting paint
  • incl. assembly instructions, easy assembly
  • comes disassembled in cardboard box
Ref. no.LengthWidthHeightGrille SpacingPUPallet
81708220 cm115 cm75 cm2.5 cm16 PAL