• Lamp tube made out of glass with special plastic coating to prevent sagging while also ensuring optimal splinter protection
  • very high light angle ensures particularly uniform illumination
  • flicker-free, thus also for poultry with high visual acuity
  • very high light output
  • extremely efficient through high lumen output
  • only suitable for lights with conventional electro-magnetic ballasts (conventional ballasts/low-loss ballasts).


Ref. no.PowerLengthDimming functionLuminous fluxColour temperatureMOQPieces / unitPU
34561424 W150 cmcannot be dimmed4000 lm4000 K10 pieces10 / box1/10
34561224 W150 cmcannot be dimmed4000 lm6500 K10 pieces10 / box1/10
34561518 W120 cmcannot be dimmed3000 lm4000 K10 pieces10 / box1/10
34561318 W120 cmcannot be dimmed3000 lm6500 K10 pieces10 / box1/10
Technical dataVoltageMains frequencyLight angle (half intensity angle)Chip service life (L70)Colour rendering (CRI)Lamp BaseBulb shape
345614220 V50 Hz210 °50000 hRa > 80G13T8
345612220 V50 Hz210 °50000 hRa > 80G13T8
345615220 V50 Hz210 °50000 hRa > 80G13T8
345613220 V50 Hz210 °50000 hRa > 80G13T8