The LED outdoor lamps reflect the latest LED technology and boast efficiency, compact design and an extremely attractive price-performance ratio! Compared to conventional spotlights, you can achieve a high level of cost savings and enjoy the many other benefits of LED lighting.

  • compact design
  • for lighting stalls, barns, sheds, yards etc.
  • with energy-efficient, SMD LED chips
  • up to 80 % less power consumption
  • uniform and glare-free illumination due to a frosted cover
  • robust housing made from cast aluminium with safety glass
  • with adjustable clamping bracket
  • incl. 1 m connection cable
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • suitable for outdoor use
  • 2-year warranty
  • GS-tested
Ref. no.DescriptionPowerWidthHeightDepthDimming functionLuminous fluxColour temperaturePUPallet
345680without motion sensor10 W106 mm114 mm38 mmcannot be dimmed800 lm6000 K1/24864 PAL
345681without motion sensor20 W136 mm121 mm47 mmcannot be dimmed1600 lm6000 K1/16512 PAL
345682without motion sensor30 W180 mm156 mm62 mmcannot be dimmed2400 lm6000 K1/12360 PAL
345683without motion sensor50 W230 mm220 mm67 mmcannot be dimmed4000 lm6000 K1/8192 PAL
345684without motion sensor100 W285 mm250 mm64 mmcannot be dimmed8000 lm6000 K1/4128 PAL
345685with motion detector10 W106 mm150 mm70 mmcannot be dimmed800 lm6000 K1/24576 PAL
345686with motion detector20 W136 mm158 mm70 mmcannot be dimmed1600 lm6000 K1/16288 PAL
345687with motion detector30 W180 mm191 mm71 mmcannot be dimmed2400 lm6000 K1/12324 PAL
345688with motion detector50 W230 mm238 mm71 mmcannot be dimmed4000 lm6000 K1/8128 PAL
345689with motion detector100 W335 mm330 mm64 mmcannot be dimmed8000 lm6000 K1/496 PAL
Technical dataVoltageMains frequencyLuminous efficacyLight angle (half intensity angle)Chip service life (L70)LED typeMaterialColour rendering (CRI)Switch cyclesCable lengthProtection class (without motion sensor)Protection class (with motion sensor)
345680220 V50 Hz80 lm/W100 °30000 hSMDDie-cast aluminiumRa > 6515000100 cmIP65IP44
345681220 V50 Hz80 lm/W100 °30000 hSMDDie-cast aluminiumRa > 6515000100 cmIP65IP44
345682220 V50 Hz80 lm/W100 °30000 hSMDDie-cast aluminiumRa > 6515000100 cmIP65IP44
345683220 V50 Hz80 lm/W100 °30000 hSMDDie-cast aluminiumRa > 6515000100 cmIP65IP44
345684220 V50 Hz80 lm/W100 °30000 hSMDDie-cast aluminiumRa > 6515000100 cmIP65IP44
345685220 V50 Hz80 lm/W100 °30000 hSMDDie-cast aluminiumRa > 6515000100 cmIP65IP44
345686220 V50 Hz80 lm/W100 °30000 hSMDDie-cast aluminiumRa > 6515000100 cmIP65IP44
345687220 V50 Hz80 lm/W100 °30000 hSMDDie-cast aluminiumRa > 6515000100 cmIP65IP44
345688220 V50 Hz80 lm/W100 °30000 hSMDDie-cast aluminiumRa > 6515000100 cmIP65IP44
345689220 V50 Hz80 lm/W100 °30000 hSMDDie-cast aluminiumRa > 6515000100 cmIP65IP44