Cow Immobiliser FlexCow

This cow immobiliser developed together with farmers adjust itself automatically and continuously to nearly all cattle sizes thanks to the spring mechanism, thus applying constant light pressure on the flank.

It prevents a setting that is too loose or too tight, preventing the animal from either escaping or putting too must pressure on it. The cow immobiliser increases the animal’s comfort level as well as the work safety at the milking station.

  • Patent pending
  • robust design
  • material: Stainless steel

Fast and safe insertion and removal:

The cow immobiliser can be set with the lock to the widest position, so that even milkers standing lower down can apply it to the cow quickly and easily.

When the lock is released with the cable pull, the cow immobiliser automatically adjusts to the size of the cow.

To remove the cow immobiliser, pull the bracket up again all the way to the lock, then remove it from the flank and back.

Ref. no.PUPAL
1101/10150 PAL