Cat Mate® 4-way Cat Door

  • transparent flap - preferred by most cats - made from very sturdy plastic
  • Cladding for mounting depths up to 50 mm - ideal for all doors, panels and walls
  • paintable white adapter kit and wall cladding available separately
  • weather-resistant, draught-free flap with brush seals and magnet lock
  • low-noise opening and closing - animals do not get alarmed
  • rain-tight seal
  • External door dimensions (W x H): 197 x 246 mm
  • Door cut-out dimensions (W x H): 173 x 198 mm
Ref. no.ColourPU
Ref. no.DescriptionColourPU
80876Tunnel Extensionwhite1/20
80881Adapter Set for Walls + Glass Paneswhite1/10