• for standing
  • non-slip
  • complete with 5 brushes and grate
  • sturdy stainless steel design
  • easy cleaning with water
  • the application of cleaning agents prevents the introduction of pathogens into the stables
Ref. no.ConnectionPUPallet
293201/2"125 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionPU
29321Floor Brush1/10
29322Side Brush top1/10
29323Side Brush below1/10
Preview imageItem. No.Description29320
 29321Spare bottom brush,x
 29322Spare side brush top,x
 29323Spare side brush bottom,x
 29320-0-0Ball Valve 1/2x
 29320-10Tube 1 Meter Lengthx
 29320-3Air Inlet Opening DGW13003x
 29320-4Reduction Nozzle DGW13054x
 29320-5Tube Fitting T-Piece 8 mmx
 29320-6Tube Fitting L-Piece 8 mmx
 29320-7Tube Fitting 1/2 Valve 8mx
 29320-8Tube Fitting 1/4 Valve 8x
 29320-9Hose Length 275mm / 8mmx6mmx