This animal scale with cradle stand is ideal for weighing large animals. The animals can easily be put into the cage and held for the weighing procedure. The animal scale can be integrated into trap systems or races.

  • The complete set consists of stand and scale set.
  • To combine the animal scale with a trap system, please use the connector frame so as not to distort the weighing result.
Ref. no.DescriptionLengthWidthHeightScales readability (d)Weighing range
291320Complete Set265.7 cm88 cm200 cm500 g1500 kg
Ref. no.DescriptionMaterialPU
291324Weighing Platform with Weighing Set (no panels or sliding door) 1
442591Pasture Panel without gatemetal hot-dip galvanised1
291325Scale Stand (with weighing platform, 2 panels and 2 sliding doors)metal hot-dip galvanised1
291321Weighing platformmetal hot-dip galvanised1
291322Weighing Set (2 x scale beams with display) 1
442620Extension element Sliding door, singlemetal hot-dip galvanised1
442621Extension element Connector frame for panelsmetal hot-dip galvanised1
291323Stand for Weigh Set Displaymetal1
Technical dataDisplaytare weight functionOverload capacityWeightWeight of weighing platformWeighing precision
291320LED 100 % of the weighing range110 %380 kg167 kg1.5 kg