Aesculap Blade set with DLC coating SnapOn

The Aesculap "Diamond-like Carbon" (DLC) coating perfectly combines the property profiles of diamond- and PTFE-based surface enhancement.

This special coating guarantees outstanding product properties:

  • high wear protection and longer service life
  • excellent gliding thanks to minimised frictional resistance
  • extended edge retention
  • increased corrosion protection
  • reduced care requirement thanks to dirt-repellent surface

The advantages of the SnapOn system naturally also apply to these blade sets with DLC coating.

Ref. no.Shear head sizeShearing heightShear widthPU
GT330D101.5 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT345D7 F3.2 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT360D5 F6.3 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT364D4 F9.5 mm40 mm1/10/50