The new HAPPYCOW MaxiSwing

HAPPYCOW MaxiSwing Robust and effective
Not every cow brush produces the same result. In particular, it is important to ensure that it is easy to use by the animal, reaches as many parts of the body as possible, has a good cleaning effect, does not injure the animal, requires little maintenance and works without interference.

The importance of a robust and durable design is shown by the fact that a cow in a herd of 30 brushes itself for an average of 10 minutes a day, so that a cow brush machine is under strain for several hours a day.

This is where the HAPPYCOW MaxiSwing from Kerbl shows various advantages: The arrangement of the brush in a vertical, swinging shape as well as an optimised bristle set make it easier to clean the coat from head to rump. The cow brush is accessible from all sides and turns in every direction and almost every angle, reaching almost every part of the animal's body. The special, patent-pending arrangement of the brush, drive and joint unit also creates an optimised contact pressure of the brush on the animal, thus ensuring efficient, comfortable and animal-friendly brushing.

The innovation developed by Kerbl itself, which is produced at the company's headquarters in Buchbach (Bavaria), also has an extremely robust and maintenance-friendly construction that is designed for the toughest and longest-lasting use in loose housing.
Smart and safe
Other important aspects when choosing a suitable cow brush are a safe and injury-free operation as well as a convenient handling. The intelligent electronics of the HAPPYCOW MaxiSwing are convincing with trouble-free and low-maintenance operation.   The control unit with a clearly visible display showing the operating status offers variable adjustment of the brush running time (10 – 300 s). The alternating running direction of the brush after each activation ensures even wear of the brushes. The torque-dependent safety cut-out stops the brush if it encounters too much resistance, thus ensuring safety in the barn.

Here you can find the new cow brush machine HAPPYCOW MaxiSwing .