Gentler than ever - The new AirBuddex hot air dehorning system

The AirBuddex™ hot air dehorning system is unique on the market. The superficial sclerosis of the horn cells with hot air makes dehorning unprecedentedly gentle - for both animal and farmer.

Heißluftenthorner AirBuddex

Gentle because non-invasive

Unlike all other dehorning machines on the market, the AirBuddex™ developed by Kerbl works with outflowing hot air. The AirBuddex is only put on and the hot air superficially scleroses the horn cells. The horn cells can then simply be stripped off and the skin barrier remains unharmed. The calf's defensive reactions during the dehorning process are significantly reduced and the farmer does not have to use much force. As a result, there are significantly fewer wound healing problems and the calf recovers quickly.

Relaxed process

The reliable piezo ignition and the few seconds heating time make preparation very easy. Annoying preparation measures are eliminated and the farmer can devote his full attention to the animal and the administration of painkillers and sedatives. The cordless operation and good balance of the AirBuddex™ improve handling. The dehorning process is absolutely gentle and stress-free, for the calf and the farmer.
Heißluftenthorner AirBuddex Anwendung

Unique principle

Other dehorners heat the burning tip, sometimes with a gas bottle or electric connection. The burning tip is then pressed into the skin around the horn bud, cutting off the blood supply to the horn bud. What remains is an open circular wound that needs good treatment and a longer time to heal. There is a greater risk of wound healing problems and improper use.
Conversions of hot air dryers with burning tips are known from practice. However, these conversions are not permitted for use on animals (high voltage on the animal) and are also more expensive than the AirBuddex™.

Proven quality

When it comes to materials, the manufacturer Kerbl relies on its many years of good experience with dehorners. The stainless steel design guarantees durability and robustness. The existing gas cartridges from the sister product GasBuddex™ are also used in the AirBuddex™.