Single calf houses

Comfort for humans and animals

Practical, convenient and multifunctional
Umzäunung kann zur Reinigung des Vorplatzes über die Kälberhütte geklappt werden
Fencing can be folded over the calf house to clean the forecourt
Die Drehtür kann zum Zurücksperren des Kalbes optional auch in den Kälberhütten-Eingang versetzt werden
Revolving door facilitates access to the animal. The revolving door can optionally also be placed in the calf house entrance to lock the calf in
Kälberhütte kann zum Einstreuen, Reinigen und Versetzen in den Zaun nach vorne gestürzt werden
Calf house can be moved forward into the fence for
bedding, cleaning and moving
Seitliche Schutzbügel vermeiden das Durchschlüpfen von Kälbern und verleihen zusätzliche Stabilität
Large solid rubber tyres with needle bearing enable easy moving even with difficult ground conditions
Bodenebene Schwelle an der Umzäunung erlaubt ein ungehindertes Betreten für Mensch und Tier
Handle for easier lifting of the hutch
Schwelle am Hütteneingang verhindert das Heraustreten von Einstreu
Floor-level threshold at the fence enables unobstructed entrance for people and animals
Handgriff zum leichteren Anheben der Kälber-Hütte
Side guards stop calves from slipping through and lend additional stability
Multifunktionale Drehtüre für Kälberhütten
Multifunctional revolving doors:
  • Flex rail (a) with drinking bucket and bucket safety catch (b), 2 feed openings (c), with hinged bucket holders for feed buckets
  • The high position of the feed bucket promotes the natural stretching of the neck, so that the milk can pass directly into the abomasum
  • The bucket’s inclined position ensures it is fully emptied
  • Flex rail for variable mounting of the bucket holder and the optional dry feed bottle holder
Lightweight or heavy fence
The fencing is available in a lightweight design for all single-calf houses. The reduced weight makes it easier to lift the fence and to reposition the house
integrated in the fence, while also offering a high degree of stability. In the case of the CalfHouse Premium Plus, CalfHouse Heavy Plus, CalfHouse Master Plus and CalfHouse PE UV+, the fencing can also be supplied in a heavyweight design. It is extremely robust and its increased weight offers even greater static stability.
Schwere Umzäunung mit erhöhter Materialstärke (ca. 45 kg)
Heavyweight fencing with increased material thickness (approx. 45 kg)
Leichte Umzäunung (ca. 30 kg)
Lightweight fencing (approx. 30 kg)
Note: The images shown are exemplary and may vary depending on the design.