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The health of the calves is the most important factor for successful rearing during the first weeks of life. During the first hours, calves are only equipped with a passive immune defence from the dam, which, however, decreases very quickly. Immediately after birth, therefore, an active, calf-own immune system must be established. In the first 3 hours or 3 days of the calf's life, dry and clean housing with rapid administration of high-quality colostrum (10% of the birth weight with at least 23% Brix) is therefore essential.

Rule of thumb: 3 - 3 - 23 (3 litres of colostrum in the first 3 hours of life with at least 23% Brix).
MilkyFeeder und MilkyDrencher

MilkyFeeder & MilkyDrencher

Kerbl offers with the calf bottle MilkyFeeder bzw. MilkyDrencher the right equipment for administering the first milk.


ColostroStart Management

In order to build up reserves of very good quality colostrum and have it available quickly, Kerbl also offers ColostroStart Management.

From the first day of life until the milk is weaned, special care must be taken to keep the infection and germ pressure low. About half of the calf losses during the rearing phase are due to diarrhoeal diseases. Especially for ad libitum feeding, hygienic cleanliness of the water bowl or teat is an important factor.
blauer Hygienesauger

Blue Hygienic Teat

The blue hygienic teat has a proven antibacterial effect provided by the addition of silver into the natural rubber blend. This remains even after long-term use, above and beyond the life of ordinary teats.

FixClip-Ventil und Tränkeeimer

Feeding bucket

Another innovative product from Kerbl is the FixClip valve. With only a few components (valve flap, valve body and clip), the valve can be mounted or dismounted very quickly and easily on the feeding bucket.
Watering of whole milk or milk replacer should be done at a temperature of about 38° Celsius. A temperature that is too low can cause the milk to coagulate too slowly in the calf's stomach, leading to diarrhoea. Excessive heating, on the other hand, can damage the milk's ingredients.
Kälbermilcherwärmer SuperHeat und SuperHeat Digital

SuperHeat & SuperHeat Digital

Only Kerbl offers the innovative calf milk warmer SuperHeat and SuperHeat Digital. Both the analogue and digital versions of the calf milk warmer have an external temperature sensor, unique on the market. The temperature sensor enables rapid heating without clocking and precise temperature measurement in the milk. With the SuperHeat Digital, you are informed acoustically and visually when the set temperature is reached.

From the 2nd week of life, concentrate and roughage should also be available for the calves. This develops the volume of the rumen and promotes the growth of the rumen villi.

Feeding Bowl

The new 8 litre feed bowl from Kerbl is ideal for giving power or roughage. The curved bottom makes the bowl easy to clean. The shape and the material make the bowl robust and durable.