our most powerful 9 V battery unit for longer fences and heavy vegetative growth

• the highest level of discharge energy provides optimal herding protection

with foal switch!

• large display on the top of the device gives the user all key information at a glance – even in darkness

• automatic mode - minimum power consumption through optimal, automated adjustment of the output power to the length and condition of the fence. This reduces battery consumption to a minimum, while the herding effect remains optimal across a very large range of fence loads

• can be operated via 230 V mains adapter

• allows for alternative operation with 12 Volt battery – with deep discharge protection

Recommended accessories: Alkaline 9 Volt, 175 Ah, item no. 350531

The foal switch can be activated as required. If an animal becomes entangled in the fence, a significantly extended pulse interval (60 sec.) ensures that that the animal does not become overly stressed and also increases the likelihood of it freeing itself. The device also emits an acoustic alarm and displays the situation visually on the display.
ref. no.
372036 1
ref. no.
BD 600 max.
372036 0.70 J 0.55 J 11,700 V 10,700 V 4,100 V 18.0 km 10.0 km 7.0 km 2.0 km 1 61 mA
BD 600 min.
372036 0.27 J 0.20 J 8,000 V 8,000 V 2,700 V 7.0 km 3.5 km 1.0 km 0.5 km 1 22 mA