• extremely powerful 230 volt power supply

• can be used with medium to heavy vegetation

• our all-round device for demanding applications

• ideal for very robust animals such as cattle, sheep and for deterring wild animals – also for long horse fences

Digital Display Readout for Fence and Earth Voltage

The new, inexpensive, intelligent, 230 Volt power supply line from AKO with a digital display – very powerful – but also ideal for cattle and horse husbandry – our ideal all-round devices – even with vegetation! AKO NDi devices automatically adapt to the fence status, ensuring the highest security and making your work easier by damaging vegetation growth to some degree

ref. no.
372802 1
ref. no.
NDi 4500
372802 6.00 J 4.50 J 10,000 V 9,500 V 6,100 V 120.0 km 40.0 km 10.0 km 4.0 km 12 3 1 7 W