Premium WildHog Polywire

• specially developed wire for deterring wild animals – the blue colour is especially easy to see for wild animals

• thick tin-plated copper conductors – the copper conductors mean that conductivity is 40 times higher than that achieved by traditional conductor materials

• conductor wires continuously attached on the outside ensure optimal contact at the animal point of contact

5 year UV-stability warranty

Advantages WildNet:

• quicker to assemble and disassemble than conventional electric fences

• ground clearance (better for mowing and significantly fewer diversions, i.e. more power to the fence)

• blue 25 mm plastic signal tape (250 m, item no. 27240) can be added to improve visibility

• nets are easy to connect with each other (the connector is integrated into the net, separate connectors are not required)

ref. no.
recommended fence length max.
resistance Ω/m
number of conductors
copper wires tinned
breaking strength
449312 400 m blue 30,000 m 0.06 6 0.25 mm 105 kg 1/6 120