Premium Horse Wire

Our most durable electrifiable horse fencing system!

The Premium Horse Wire provides a very strong mechanical barrier thanks to the 2.5 mm thick steel wire. The electrically conductive white/black plastic protects the interior steel wire from the weather and resists a breaking load of up to 800 kg. Its round shape and smooth surface mean cuts from the conductor material are avoided.

• length 250 m

• Premium Horse Wire 8 mm exterior diameter

• great conductivity 0.035 Ohm/m

• high mechanical barrier due to steel wire (breaking strength 800 kg)

• electrifiable and very safe

• extremely weather-proof (cold, warmth, moisture)

• high visibility due to white coating and Ø 8 mm

• UV-stabilised PE covering

• no physical hazard for horses due to round and smooth surface

Tip: use our ‘Wire LINK’ (442367) for connection

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