T-Post Metal Post

• made from robust steel

• green/white painted

• with solid base plate

• drive into the ground about 40 cm

• perfect for horses, cattle and wild animal fences

it has proved its worth a thousand times

Top-quality T-Posts in varying lengths, easily driven in, for durable application. The posts have solid nubs every 5.5 cm across their entire length to fasten accessories. A solid base plate provides additional stability. The posts are painted to make them highly weather-resistant. We recommend approx. 30 cm longer T-Posts to be used for corners. Insulators are fastened by clipping firmly to the T-Post at the desired heights.

Made from rail steel - making them considerably more stable!
ref. no.
total height
441460 152 cm 1/5 200
441407 167 cm 1/5 200
441461 182 cm 1/5 200
441462 213 cm 1/5 200
441463 240 cm 1/5 200