Oval Fibreglass Post 10 x 8 mm

• yellow/black

• oval

• perfect for keeping cows, horses and sheep

• 444291, 444292, 444293: incl. head insulator and height-adjustable additional insulator

• 444269/10: incl. head insulator with metal ring

• ideal for stranded wires, wire and tapes up to 20 mm

These posts boast low weight and volume plus unbelievable toughness, stability and ease of use!

Plastics that are reinforced with glass fibres have a number of significant advantages when compared to other materials such as steel, iron or simple plastic. The combination of plastic and glass fibres demonstrates significantly better properties when it comes to stability and resistance than conventional plastic. Moreover, our fibreglass posts are very lightweight and cannot rust or rot, making them ideal for outdoor use.

NEW: with polyester fleece coating
ref. no.
total height
Oval Post
444291 110 cm
18 cm, metal
10 x 8 mm
10 1,200
444292 152 cm
18 cm, metal
10 x 8 mm
10 1,200
444293 110 cm
22 cm, fibre glass
10 x 8 mm
10 1,750