Effective solar unit for normal fence systems with little vegetation.

Ideal for horse and cattle paddocks.

Exact scope of delivery:

• Sun Power S 800 solar-powered fence device

• 12 volt, 12 Ah battery

• solar panel, 12 volt, 8 watt

Function control LED and visual battery warning indicator

Use the natural power of the sun!

AKO SunPOWER = extremely powerful, mobile compact solar units. Mono-crystalline solar modules in combination with our high-performance solar fence devices are able to supply power to fences which are many kilometres in length. Even after a whole week without direct sunlight, these fence devices still have sufficient power to supply your fence with sufficient current. These special devices are outstandingly suited for fencing relatively large areas. Sufficient voltage is supplied everywhere along the fence, without the requirement for a socket anywhere nearby!

• optimised for permanent, maintenance-free operation right through the main pasture season

• high/low/off switch

• micro-controller controlled

• integrated lightning protection

• intelligent, modern battery management with deep discharge protection – device functions even during extended periods of bad weather

• excellent level of efficiency – thus longer battery life

• very robust, weather-resistant, water-tight casing with carrying handle

• quick and easy to install

Suitable accessories: ground anchor (art. no. 442383) Post holder (item no. 442384)
ref. no.
Sun Power S 800
ref. no.
S 800
372940 1.20 J 0.80 J 12,000 V 11,500 V 4,300 V 25.0 km 10.0 km 1.5 km 0.8 km 2 1 30 - 70 mA