visual voltage control (green LED flashes with each pulse)

with automatic shut-down (unit shuts down after 5 short circuit pulses – red LED lights up)

Timer: Unit pulses for 2 hours, then interrupts for 5 hours. This interval repeats constantly.

Max. Output Energy in Joule: 0,09 Joule

Max. Voltage in Volt: 5000 Volt

3 years warranty

Important: Please note local animal welfare laws before use!

Hobby energisers are very suitable for short fences with low vegetation.

These devices are especially popular for mobile fences in gardens, mobile paddocks and trail riding. You will also find sets specially developed for these respective applications on the following pages, which contain everything you need to easily set up an electric fence.

ref. no.
350728 1
ref. no.
350728 0.13 J 0.09 J 5,000 V 5,000 V 1,340 V 1 2 W