Cat Mate® 4-way Cat-Flap Super Selective

• entry and exit controlled by electronic I.D. (2 I.D.s included in delivery) for up to 9 cats - thus keeping all other animals away

• LCD display indicates selected access and inlet status and location and time details since last operation of the flap for up to 3 cats

• battery status indicator

• 4 x AA batteries required (not included in delivery)

• timer-function controls the access for all of your cats (e.g. preventing exit at night)

• self-cladding for mounting depths up to 50 mm - suitable for single and double glazing and all panels up to a thickness of 50 mm. Tunnel for wall installation available.

• flap with draught-free, weather-resistant brush seals

• external door dimensions (W x H): 248 x 265 mm

• door cut-out dimensions (W x H): 178 x 204 mm

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Additional accessories
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Electronic I.D.
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Replacement flap
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