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Dog Supplies


Dog Socks Bruno

• 100 % cotton

• hard wearing and anti-slip rubber sole

• for protecting floors and furniture, and to protect minor wounds

• set of 4

• washable at 30 °C

Note on size information:

1. The back length is measured from the withers to the tail attachment point.

The dog must stand in an upright position.

2. The neck circumference is measured at the widest point (base of the neck).

3. The circumference of the abdomen is measured at the broadest point on the belly behind the front legs.

The abdomen circumference of the item of clothing should therefore be 5 - 10 cm larger than that of your dog in order to ensure adequate freedom of movement.

4. The length of the front leg is measured from the withers to the base of the paw.

The length of the back leg is measured from the head of the tail to the base of the paw.

The length specified in the table relates to the leg length of the jacket.

The dog’s legs should only be partly covered.

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81418 S 3 cm 7,5 cm 5 500
81419 M 3,5 cm 9 cm 5 500
81420 L 4 cm 10,5 cm 5 500