Aesculap Stripping Knife

• long-lasting blade made from stainless steel

• textured grip for easy handling

• grip made from synthetic, easy-clean material

ref. no.
use for
VH333R 145 mm
Finely serrated blade
For neutered dogs (neutered coat), for thick undercoats, for cockers and setters with thick undercoats and/or fine hair, for double coated dogs to remove loose hairs on German Shepherds, Labradors ...
1 50 1/50
VH334R 145 mm
Coarsely serrated blade
Trimming on wiry-haired dogs, which have few or no waves or whirls with normal or little undercoat (e.g. wire-haired dachshunds, border terriers, Parson Jack Russells ...)
1 50 1/50