Aesculap Battery-Operated Clipper Favorita CL

Cordless freedom for the Favorita! The powerful battery provides the battery version of the Favorita with enough power for up to 60 minutes of use.

• well-tuned ventilation system and easy-clean air filter protect against overheating and ensure a long life

• low-fatigue working – slim, ergonomically designed housing made from unbreakable specialist plastic

• comfortable to use – switch at the rear of the machine for comfortable one-handed operation

• consistently good cutting results – wear-resistant metal rocker arm

• suitable for continuous operation thanks to second battery

• supplied without clipping head

Your battery-operated clipper can be easily converted to wired use with adapter GT207. Simply attach the adapter in place of the battery and you can enjoy uninterrupted operation.

technical data
Clipping head system:
Aesculap Favorita
DC motor
Gear box:
Planetary gears
Stroke rate:
approx. 2,300 strokes/min
Battery technology:
1200 mAh, lithium-ion
Run time:
approx. 60 min
Charging time:
approx. 50 min
sound pressure level:
approx. 65 dB
approx. 475 g (incl. battery + clipping head 3 mm)
supplied package:
1 Favorita Battery-Operated Clipper
+ 1 charger (GT203)
+ 2 lithium-ion batteries (GT201)
+ 1 Aesculap oil (GT604)
+ 1 operation manual
+ 1 durable hard-shell case
ref. no.
Battery-Operated Clipper Favorita CL
red 1 6 1/6
Adapter incl. power supply for hybrid machine
1 8 1/8
Spare battery
1 35 1/35
Precision Adjusting Aid Torqui, Favorita System
1 100 1/100