Rodent House Freetime Luke

with metal frame on the base

• metal frame on ground protects against moisture and the deterioration of the wood

• dense grille, especially suitable for young animals

• Access between the outdoor pen and the resting area can be blocked off

• The run is accessed by a ramp

• Grille edges covered with wood trim

• 6 cm high retractable plastic basin, makes cleaning easier

• Outdoor pen with separate door• Window with Plastic Washer

• weather-proofed bitumen roof

• Material: Wood glazed with wood protecting paint (water-based)

• incl. assembly instructions, easy assembly

• comes disassembled in cardboard box

• Interior height: 50 cm

• Gable height inside: 62 cm

ref. no.
l x w x h
81726 127 x 62 x 98 cm 1