The new A6™ product family consists of a number of innovations:

• new motor concept automatically compensates for voltage fluctuations. This means the motor runs more evenly and with less power consumption! The result: longer motor life!

• patent-pending anti-vibration system reduces joint fatigue

• patent-pending drive system for even better shearing results

• 3 power levels

Compact, 3-level high-performance animal clipper

• with a new high-performance motor with low noise and less heat

• with 3 levels for 3,100/3,600/4,100 strokes per minute for all types of fur

• ergonomic, compact design

• compatible with all Snap-On shearing heads

• only weighs 370 grams (without cable)

• clipping blades not included

high-performance motor with 3 levels

3 power levels
Speed level 1:
3,100 strokes/min
for trimming to the skin or thin fur
Speed level 2:
3,600 strokes/min
for medium-thick fur
Speed level 3:
4,100 strokes/min
for thick fur
ref. no.
use for
A6 Comfort
for long periods of use, such as horse clipping
1 6 1/6
A6 Slim
for shorter periods of use, e.g. detail shearing or for vets
1 6 1/6