Delizia Biotin Pellets

Supplementary feed for horses

The effect of biotin as a beneficial active substance for rough,brittle hooves, bad horn quality and dull coats is scientifically proven.

Biotin improves the maturation of keratin cells. This stimulates horn formation and improves the cohesion of the hoof horn in the long term.

• the pellet form prevents the animals from blowing them out when eating

• improves hoof growth and hoof strength

• promotes the elasticity of the hooves

• increases skin’s resistance and helps the coat’s metabolism

• with 2500 mg/kg biotin

Feeding recommendation:

Foals and ponies: 10 g / day (1/2 scoop)

Light horses: 20 g / day (1 scoop)

Heavy horses: 25 g / day (1 1/4 scoop)

Regular dosing can e.g. help in Cushings, shedding or summer eczema and with hoof problems such as navicular issues, cracked heels or thrush.
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