Hay Cutter

TF 2000 M

• suitable for vertical as well as horizontal cutting of hay bales, allows for dust free working

• working costs are minimized by perfect cutting properties, handiness and easy, maintenance free handling

• the hay cutter is made for cutting hay bales, pressed forage and silage feed (e.g. hay, corn, millet and beet leaves)

• with closed blade

• cuts round hay bales without raker

technical data
voltage: / Spannung:
230 V
motor output: / Motorleistung:
1400 W
frequency: / Frequenz:
50 Hz
weight: / Gewicht:
13.4 kg
cutting width: / Schnitt-Breite:
25 cm
sound pressure level: / Niveau Schalldruck:
89.9 LpAm
sound pressure level: / Niveau Schallstärke:
103.5 LWA
vibration level ISO 5349: / Niveau Vibration ISO 5349:
5.9 m/sec2