cit RatStop DF Block 50*

Ready-to-use dimensioned bait blocks for house mice control

Bait blocks are weather-resistant and water-repellent. The block design attracts the gnawing instinct of rats and mice.

• for the safe control of rats in and around buildings, on open

land and on landfills, plus house mice in and around buildings

• at highly frequented locations (slip angles, pathways, etc.), deploy approx. 20 g blocks in bait stations (to be fixed using the holes)


• 100 g blocks are ideal for direct placement in drainage systems (hang with wire from drain cover)

Product with dangerous properties as per the Regulation on Prohibited Chemicals (expertise required)!

* Take care when using biocides. Always read the label and product information before use!
active agent
0,05 g/kg
ref. no.
2995302 3 kg 1/4
299525 5 kg 1