Horsefly Trap TaonX

• each trap reduces the number horseflies in the immediate vicinity by up to 95 %

• entirely non-toxic and environmentally friendly

• easy to assemble and extremely robust

• 2-year guarantee for metallic parts

• How does the trap work? The ball heats up, simulating a target object for the horsefly to suck blood out of. After a failed attempt at drawing blood, the insect takes off vertically and sees its supposedly only exit route as being the catching container.

Can be used wherever horseflies are a nuisance: • horse paddocks • livestock stables • riding schools • golf courses • gardens and parks (water) • amusement parts • along lakes and river banks

In general, in accordance with § 44 para. 1 of the German Federal Nature Conservation Act, horsefly traps may not be installed in the following protected areas: National parks, fauna and flora habitats and other nature reserves or legally protected habitats. Outside of these protected areas, the use of horsefly traps is restricted to the period between 1 June to 15 September.
technical data
TaonX Eco
Max. effective area
10,000 m2
Floor stand (supplied)
Height above floor level
2.20 m
ref. no.
Gadfly Trap TaonX
1 36
Horsefly Trap TaonX Eco
1 48
Wall Mount
1/10 300
Floor bracket
Replacement Container
1/40 320