Wasp Trap VespaNo

The bee-protecting wasp trap

1. A high capture rate for wasps: thanks to its special shape and design, VespaNo catches an above-average number of wasps, flies and other insects attracted by sugar.

2. Complete protection for bees: developed by a bee-keeper with 30 years‘ experience, the protection of bees was the most important aspect right from the start. The special entrance of the trap and the transparent cover prevent bees from falling into the trap.

Additional product properties:

• weather-resistant plastic with UV protection

• opaque collecting container

• effective area of up to 200 m² per trap

• exceptionally easy to use and easy to clean

• can be stood on surfaces or hung up

Tip: also works as an ant trap

1 queen = 1 population of up to 15,000 wasps!
effective area for each wasp trap
patio, balcony, beer garden:
1 wasp trap per 10 m²
open areas:
1 wasp trap per 200 m²