Horse Fly Spray TaonX Booster *

• high-intensity spray repellent with effective protection against horseflies, mosquitoes and other arthropods

• innovative spray system with exceptional economy: 300 ml of Booster spray is equivalent to 550 ml of conventional trigger sprayers

• 360° spray application without the disruptive "aerosol hissing" sound

• thanks to the special formulation, the active ingredient remains effective for many hours - even under the most difficult conditions

• easy to use

• economical in use

• pleasant aroma

• no tiresome tail and head tossing

• excellent hair coating without leaving behind any residue

• for a relaxed ride

• also suitable for use in tournament sports

protects for up to 12 hours

100 % biodegradable
active agent
Saltidin® (Icaridin)
ref. no.
321596 300 ml 1/6