Horsefly Trap TaonX Mini

The efficient horsefly trap in a smaller format for outdoor areas of up to 100 m²

The minimalist dimensions mean that the TaonX Mini is always extremely easy to install anywhere.

The only thing to bear in mind is that the trap should not be hung up higher than 180 cm and no lower than 100 cm (lower edge of ball).

TaonX Mini can be quickly and securely installed in stables, in gardens, but also on campsites, golf courses and parks, with just a few actions.

The wall bracket (# 323506) is the ideal accessory.

Tip: TaonX Mini also functions as a wasp trap, with the wasp trap liquid Art. 299762

• every trap reduces horsefly presence by up to 95% in the immediate vicinity, and has a maximum effective range of approx. 100 m²!

• entirely non-toxic and environmentally friendly

• easy to construct

• weight: approx. 1,545 g

• umbrella diameter: approx. 35 cm

In general, in accordance with § 44 para. 1 of the German Federal Nature Conservation Act, horsefly traps may not be installed in the following protected areas: National parks, fauna and flora habitats and other nature reserves or legally protected habitats. Outside of these protected areas, the use of horsefly traps is restricted to the period between 1 June to 15 September.