MagicBrush Coat Gloss Spray ManeCare

• a moisturising agent (D-Panthenol complex) protects the skin and coat from drying out – D-Panthenol also sooths damaged skin

• contains a special care compound which improves wet and dry combing of the hair - thus preventing fracture and felting when brushing and combing

• makes combing and grooming of mane and tail hair easier

• glossy coat spray and long hair conditioner in one

• with pleasant smell

• with rich almond oil to care for the horse's coat

• gives the coat a silky, glossy appearance for many hours

with almond oil and D-Panthenol

ref. no.
3223443 1000 ml 1/6
3223444 5000 ml 1/2
Additional accessories
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Dispensing Pump for Canisters