MagicBrush Skin Care Balm

The new balm can help stressed and itchy skin caused by a wide variety of environmental factors.

The special formula absorbs quickly, is non-greasy and provides long-lasting, intense care!

• balm for stressed horse skin

• special fast-absorbing formula takes the high-quality ingredients instantly to the stressed skin layers

• natural extracts of calendula, carrot and St. John's wort provide increased resistance for the skin and coat

• fluid sulphur is known to reduce itching and consequently the tendency to rub

• the vegetable oil mixture in the formula embedded in a balm complex, non-greasy and provides long-lasting, intense care

with marigold, carrot and St. John's Wort oil

How to use: Shake well before use. Apply thinly once or twice a day and massage in.
ref. no.
3223376 2000 ml 1/4
3223375 500 ml 1/12