Hypofekt2 of 13Leather Oil Premium


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Leather 3in1

For everyone who wants to clean and care for their smooth leather simply and quickly! Puts an end to time-consuming leather care: drop the solution in cold water, swirl the dirty leather briefly in the liquid and hang it up to dry! After a few (approx. 15) minutes, the leather can be used again. Simply wipe down boots, saddles and other smooth leather with a sponge soaked in the solution and you're done!

• 3-in-1: one product, three results - cleaning, care and oiling!

• for all smooth leather saddles and bridles

• easy to use with no scrubbing - works automatically in just a few minutes

extremely economical concentrate


natron, water, diethylene glycol, Genapol, citronella oil

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321594 1000 ml 1/12