Circulation Pump AquaLine

Circulation pump with integrated heater

AquaLine is the ideal solution for watering systems with a loop length of max. 250 m (with 3/4" pipeline) for providing animals with tempered water. The constant movement of the water and the switchable heating provide double anti-freezing protection.

AquaLine Classic and AquaLine Digital:

• 3000 W / 230 V

• winter and summer operation (with/without heating)

• automatic control of the set water temperature

• automatic safety shut-off in case of overheating

• separate display of the operating status of the pump and heater via indicator lights on the control unit

• Venting valve on the heating body

• high-quality insulated electronics housing made from polyamide to avoid the build-up of condensation

• easy installation for a heating or plumbing specialist

• low space requirement due to compact design

• low-maintenance thanks to high-quality materials

• mounting kit included for wall mounting

• 2 years guarantee

AquaLine Digital:

• PTC probe with a digital control thermostat

• precise setting of the target temperature via the display or control box (10 °C to 25 °C)

• indication of the measured temperature on the display

• acoustic and visual signal when the temperature falls below or exceeds the limit temperatures (5 °C / 30 °C)

• flow monitoring with an acoustic and visual signal as well as an automatic heater interrupter when the flow rate falls below the min. value of 6 l/min

• vent valve on the radiator • optimised construction of the stainless steel heater for efficient flow • high-quality insulated electronics housing made from polyamide to prevent condensation

• the stub lines should be kept free from frost with the heating cable!

• the pump should be installed in a location that is protected from the wind, weather and frost!

• ensure adequate insulation of the pipeline (20 mm) and avoid severe angles!

• we recommend installing an electrified pressure equaliser in the ring circuit in the frost-safe section (designed by the professional installer, not included in the scope of supply).

With 3/4" pipeline diameters, up to 250 m of ring cable are possible.

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AquaLine Classic
AquaLine Digital