Aesculap Precision Adjusting Aid Torqui GT146 for Cattle/Horse Clippers

The clipping plate pressure of Aesculap cattle/horse clippers is child's play to adjust with this innovative "torque key".*

Benefits of the Torqui at a glance:

• precise basic adjustment of the plate pressure

• increased shearing plate life thanks to longer intervals between regrinding

• consistent edge-retention

• easy to handle

• no prior knowledge needed

• small, easy to handle, maintenance-free

• precision instrument engineered in Germany

• suitable for all Bonum and Econom cattle and horse clippers

• all cattle and horse cutter heads can be retrofitted with the knurled screw GT147

For perfect plate pressure!

* If the cutting plate combinations differ from the standard (or reground cutting plates are used), it may be that you will need to raise the plate pressure manually (half a turn clockwise).
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Precision Adjusting Aid Torqui for Cattle/Horse Clippers
Knurled screw for Torqui GT146